Corporate Responsibility overview

Operating sustainably  and responsibly is integral  to our business model and strategy, and builds on OneSavings Bank’s long tradition of putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Our Core Values: Specialist, Personal and Flexible reflect our commitment to interact ethically, responsibly and with integrity with all our stakeholders and the wider community in which we operate:

  • We take a SPECIALIST approach to everything we do – we ensure we understand our stakeholders’ requirements and use our creativity, skill and expertise to fulfil their requirements with honesty and integrity
  • We take a PERSONAL approach to everything we do – we treat everyone with respect and take accountability for our actions
  • We take a FLEXIBLE approach to everything we do – we ensure that we work collaboratively with our colleagues, customers and other stakeholders to achieve shared positive outcomes

What we achieved in 2017

In 2017, we successfully delivered on a number of initiatives across the business aimed at improving our relationships with key stakeholders and achieving strong results, including:

  • Customers – consistently high consumer net promoter score, +62
  • Employees – significantly improved employee engagement survey results
  • Communities – donated over £209,000 to community and charitable causes.

Focused on our customers

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Focused on our community

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