Annual General Meeting

Asset and Liability Committee

Auditing Practices Board

Bank of England 

Capital Expenditure

Chief Credit Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Contingency Funding Plan

Council of Mortgage Lenders

Consumer Price Inflation

IV Capital Requirement Directive and Regulation

Chief Risk Officer

Deferred Share Bonus Plan

Disclosure and Transparency Rules

European Banking Authority

Earnings Per Share

European Union

Financial Conduct Authority

Funding for Lending Scheme

Financial Reporting Council

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Financial Services and Markets Act

Full Time Equivalent Employees

Financial Times Stock Exchange

Gross Domestic Product

Global Rate Change

Heritable Development Finance

Her Majesty Revenue and Customs

House Price Inflation

Human Resources

International Accounting Standards

Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process

Interest Coverage Ratio

International Financial Reporting Standards


Individual Liquidity Adequacy Assessment

Initial Public Offering

Individual Savings Account


Kent Reliance Building Society

Kent Reliance Provident Society

Liquidity Coverage Ratio

London Inter Bank Offered Rate

Long Term Incentive Plan

Loan to Value

Mortgage Market Review

Monetary Policy Committee

New Individual Savings Account

Net Promoter Score

Office of Fair Trading

Office of National Statistics

Prudential Regulatory Authority

Private Rented Sector

Perpetual Subordinated Bonds

Performance Share Plan

Residential Mortgage Backed Securities

Return on Equity


Risk Weighted Assets

Save As You Earn

Senior Independent Director

Supervisory Liquidity Review Process


Small Medium Enterprises

Special Purpose Entity

Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process

Strategic Risk Management Framework

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