Unique operating model

We work to an overarching risk appetite and single Group lending policy spanning all our brands and deliver our services with the aim of providing an excellent customer experience. We put customers’ needs first.

Integrated multi-brand approach

We capitalise on our cross-company expertise, operating under a common operating framework that supports our key lending brands. Distribution, sales and risk processes operate under a simple, coordinated management structure giving us the ability to present our multiple lending brands with great efficiency.

We work to an overarching risk appetite and a single Group lending policy spanning all our brands, using our experience in specialist lending to enhance policy. We ensure that risks are modelled and that the comprehensive risk pricing model reflects latest market conditions and forecasts. This modelling ensures all product pricing goes through the same rigorous analysis, according to core principles set by our Group Assets and Liabilities Committee, comprised of senior management.

Cost-efficient operations

Our administrative functions, based in our wholly-owned subsidiary OSBIndia, support the strategic intent of delivering excellent customer experience. We drive continuous customer-focused improvement through our flexible and cost-effective operating platform, putting customer needs first.

Real-time customer satisfaction surveys inform a programme of continuous improvement.

We benchmark our processes against industry best practice, challenging what we do and eliminating customer pain points as they arise. We continue investing in developing skills that enable highly efficient service management, matching those to business needs both in India and the UK.

Investment in infrastructure and systems

We aim to deliver efficient, scalable and resilient infrastructure to support our business strategy objectives. We invest in complementary systems, both proprietary and industry standard, to deliver excellent service (measured against peers by industry experts), outstanding resilience and strong governance. OSB focuses on being a nimble bank with very few legacy issues.

We continue to invest in IT security, supported by market leading data security and resilience experts.

We will continue to leverage infrastructure investment across the Group in 2018, maximising customer and efficiency benefits. We will also ensure infrastructure and systems are regularly reviewed and tested, focusing on their security and resilience in cooperation with industry experts with particular focus on cyber security.

“Not resting  on our laurels” - Nitin Joshi Head of Operations OSBI

"We worked hard in 2017 to deliver great customer satisfaction as evidenced in our NPS scores. However, we are not resting on our laurels. We always want to improve customer satisfaction even further.

"So we look at all areas of our business. For example, staff retention is really important to us. We invest a lot in training both new staff members and also longer-serving employees of OSBI, continually refreshing and enhancing their knowledge, skills and capability."

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