Focused on our customers.

Building on OneSavings Bank’s long tradition of putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.

OneSavings Bank encourages a culture that aims to:

  • Communicate and deal with each customer on an individual basis
  • Act with consistency across all channels
  • Promote a confident, open and trustworthy workforce
  • Offer simplicity and ease of business
  • Offer long-term value for money, and
  • Offer transparent products without the use of short-term bonus rates, and to offer existing customers the benefit of loyalty rates.

Our customers are part of our success and we aim to become a financial services provider of choice. To achieve that, the Group established a governance framework for consistent best practice across the Group to ensure there are robust policies and procedures to minimise the risk of failure to deliver the service our customers have come to expect from us.

The relevant policies include:

  • Conduct Risk Policy, including treating customers fairly to ensure the Group conducts its business fairly and without causing customer detriment
  • Responsible Lending Policy to ensure that the Group lends money responsibly
  • Complaints Handling Policy to ensure the Group responds to complaints swiftly, fairly and consistently
  • Vulnerable Customer and Suicide Awareness Policy to ensure that employees can identify vulnerability and potential suicide risks in our customers and put in place appropriate actions to deal with such issues as effectively as possible
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Policy to ensure the Group is not used to further criminal activities
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy to ensure the Group carries out its business honestly
  • A Conflicts of Interest Policy to ensure the Group can identify and, if possible, avoid conflicts, and where this is not possible to manage conflicts fairly
  • Data Protection and Retention Policies to ensure the Group protects its customer data, manages and retains it fairly and appropriately
  • Whistleblowing Policy to ensure that any employee who raises concerns around misconduct is protected
  • Arrears, Repossessions and Forbearance Policy to ensure that handling of arrears and repossessions deliver fair and suitable outcomes based on the individual circumstances of the customer
  • Environmental Policy to conduct our business in an environmentally aware manner, and
  • Diversity and Equality Policy to promote diversity and equality in our workforce.

Employees have mandatory training on all the key policies, with a completion rate of 96% in 2018.

Customer engagement

We take a personal approach to our customers, treating each customer as an individual and listening to their needs. Many of our customers are also members of the Kent Reliance Provident Society, the Society that took over the management of the membership of the former Kent Reliance Building Society. The Bank and the Society have benefited from member engagement through the online ‘portal’ launched late in 2015 enabling input from a geographically broader range of members. Topics of engagement have included key areas of customer literature, working with saving and borrowing members to help the Bank maximise clarity and understanding, and product retention process enhancement. Each year we hold an AGM at which members can engage with senior management and discuss their ideas for improving our customer experience.

Customer complaints

Whilst we concentrate on providing an excellent service, when things have gone wrong, we aim to put them right and learn from any mistakes made. We have a comprehensive, Group-wide complaints handling system and our staff complete rigorous training programmes to ensure a compliant and fair process is followed. Our commitment to our customers is evidenced in the strong Net Promoter Score (a measure of how likely a customer is to recommend a business on a scale of -100 to +100) we achieve across our lending and saving franchises, which in 2018 was an outstanding +63. In addition, we won numerous awards for being the best provider for a range of services from cash ISAs to Buy-to-Let mortgages.

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