OSBIndia – unique and competitive advantage

Focused on customers

Our customer service functions, based in our wholly-owned subsidiary OSBIndia, support our aim of putting customers first. We reward our people based on the quality of service they provide to customers, further protecting our retail savings franchise and leading to high customer satisfaction with a customer NPS of +63.

Focused on quality and cost discipline

At OSBI we employ highly talented and motivated employees at a competitive cost. We benchmark our processes against industry best practice, challenging what we do and eliminating customer pain points as they arise. We continue investing in developing skills that enable highly efficient service management, matching those to business needs both in India and the UK.

We are proud of our low employee turnover in India, with a remarkable 11% regretted attrition rate, substantially outperforming industry averages.

Investment in infrastructure and systems

We aim to deliver efficient, scalable and resilient infrastructure and invest in IT security, supported by market leading data security and resilience experts.

Our key strengths

  • Excellent customer experience
  • High customer NPS
  • High employee retention rates

Our history

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