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Create your future, at a different kind of bank.

At OneSavings Bank, we believe that your career and how you progress is as unique as your individual personality. We continually support our people so they can become the best version of themselves. We have created a culture and an environment that encourages personal growth and offers our people opportunities to learn and improve. We are so committed to this we’ve made it one of our four core values “Create Your Future”.

We also believe in great teamwork and being OneTeam. We are a connected company working together to create a business in which we can all take pride and prosper.

Whether you are in the early stages of your career or already have an established track record, our ongoing growth means that we are constantly seeking to hire passionate individuals who want to make a difference and grow with us.

Step inside OneSavings Bank and learn each of our values and the behaviours that support them.  These competencies form what we look for in our new recruits.

We are OneTeam, working together to create a business in which we can all take pride and prosper. We work hard to build trust, respect and openness across the company, pool our talents and energy when we need to, and pull together to challenge – and surpass – our competitors.

Behaviour: Team working

This competency relates to working positively and collaboratively with other people. Individuals who truly demonstrate this competency clearly understand that all other employees play an important role which is just as important as their own. They seek to build strong working relationships and rather than focusing on their own agenda, genuinely respect the contributions, support and requirements of other team members, other departments and other functions, regardless of their geographical location.

Behaviour: Interacting with others

This competency relates to the way in which we treat and communicate with other members of the OneTeam family. Employees who truly demonstrate this competency are self-aware and impact positively on others, building mutual respect and trust, appreciating the strengths, contributions and differences of others.

Each one of us bears responsibility for what we do, and for our share of the mission this company sets itself every day. We help each other, show respect for each other and listen to what others have to say. And if there’s a question to be asked or challenge to be faced, we don’t look away.

Behaviour: Assuming responsibility

This competency is all about getting things done and demonstrating high levels of quality, in line with agreed timeframes. OneTeam members that truly demonstrate this competency are passionate about their activities and getting things done in the right way, at the right time and for the right reasons.

We need to set our bar high for our customers, be bold in our decision-making and dynamic in our actions on their behalf. They are the ones who know when we’re going above and beyond. They can tell when they’ve been listened to. They remember the promises we keep. And, in even the smallest action or service, they sense the standards we set ourselves.

Behaviour: Delivering customer excellence 

This competency is about the service that we provide to all of our customers, whether they are our account holders, our stakeholders or our internal colleagues. We are OneTeam and our collective focus on seeking to ensure that we don’t just meet, but that we exceed our customers’ needs and expectations is what helps to set us apart from our competitors.

Behaviour: Embracing change

This competency is not just about reacting positively to change but to actively challenging our processes and approaches and seeking to find better ways of doing things. OneTeam members that truly demonstrate this competency are energetic and passionate in their pursuit of identifying every opportunity to make measurable or tangible improvements in what we do.

Our bank is about making opportunities and taking opportunities. It’s a place where each one of us can take control of our future – where we can all fulfil our need for personal growth and build a future for ourselves. So, seize the opportunities that come your way, and make the most of them to move forward in your career.

Behaviour: Developing performance

This competency relates to the ongoing development of skills, knowledge and capability. Employees who truly demonstrate this competency are passionate about identifying how they (and where applicable, their direct reports) can develop and progress and are proactive in identifying and implementing activities that support personal growth and progression.

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