Focused on the environment

2018 was yet another year when the Group took on initiatives, or advanced existing ones, to achieve its goal of becoming a greener organisation.

As an office-based financial services provider, we have a relatively low impact on the environment due to many improvements to the Group’s real estate introduced over the years. The Group sources all of its energy from ‘green’ energy providers and we monitor and control the electricity and gas consumption to avoid unnecessary waste.

In addition to these improvements, we have policies in place that allow us to minimise our negative impact on the environment in which we operate. Our ‘Zero to Landfill’ waste policy means that all of our waste is either recycled, reused or sent to a dedicated Energy from Waste facility. We also consider the environmental impact on supply chain when buying from suppliers and our procurement policy actively incorporates these aspects when appointing new partners. Finally, secure print solutions were introduced in all offices which significantly lowered paper consumption.

The Group is also committed to promoting awareness of environmental issues amongst our employees. The OSB Magazine frequently includes recycling tips and monthly green challenges which see positive uptake by the business. This year, we focused on reducing single use plastic consumption and installed recycling stations across all sites.

Activities in 2018

Greenhouse gas emissions 2018:

    Location-based method Market-based method
Emission type Units 2018 2018
Scope 1: Combustion tCO2e 76 N/A
Scope 1: Facility operation tCO2e 5 N/A
Total scope 1 tCO2e 81 0
Scope 2: Purchased energy tCO2e 951 0
Scope 2: Purchased energy MWh 2,180 1,025
Total scope 2 tCO2e 951 0
Scope 3: Combustion tCO2e N/A N/A
Scope 3: Facility operation tCO2e N/A N/A
Total scope 3 tCO2e N/A N/A
Total emissions tCO2e 1,032 0

1 Location-based figure used where market-based not available

Mandatory greenhouse gas report

Reporting scope

  • The reporting period is 1/01/18 to 31/12/18, which was selected because it is the company’s financial year.
  • This report was compiled in line with the September 2009 DEFRA ‘Guidance on how to measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions’ which is based on the GHG Protocol
  • All measured emissions from activities which the organisation has financial control over are included unless otherwise stated in the exclusions statement, as required under The Companies Act 2006 (Strategic and Director’s Reports) Regulations 2013.
  • The intensity measurement of turnover was selected in order to compare emissions with company growth and for consistency, with similarly reporting businesses for review of the market position.
  • Emissions factors used:


Fuel type Emissions conversion factor source
UK electricity–location based (excluding
transmission and distribution), UK gas,
diesel, R410A, R32 and R22 F-gas

Department for Business, Energy and
Industrial Strategy 2018

Department for Business, Energy and
Industrial Strategy 2018
UK electricity–market based
SSE Green–100%
renewable energy factsheet, opusenergy.
Overseas electricity

Statement of exclusions

Scope 1 exclusions

  • All company owned transport was excluded due to unavailability of data. OSB is putting processes in place to collate this for next year’s report.

Scope 2 exclusions

  • Scope 2 purchased electricity does not include the transmission and distribution element as this is owned by the supplier.
  • Three sites have electricity use that is excluded as it is part of the service charge from the landlord and OSB have no visibility of consumption or an apportionment of the buildings’ consumption. These are Fleet, InterBay and London, Heritable.
  • The gas consumption for Prestige Finance was excluded as the meters were removed. The meters are still recorded as they are in the process of being closed down and final billed by the supplier.

Scope 3 exclusions

  • No scope 3 emissions were included as they are voluntary.

Year on year emissions changes

  • There are a total of three new sites in this year’s report. Fleet is excluded as a landlord site and so has no impact on consumption. The other new sites are Newman Street and Canterbury (12–13) High St.
  • The Maidstone branch moved location in November 2017, the old site (code 04189-10-05)
  • F-gas recharges was much lower than last year.
  • Natural gas emissions are lower than last year as the two meters at Prestige Finance were removed.

Estimation methods used

  • Usage per day apportionment – total usage for period divided by days in period multiplied by missing days.
  • Comparable site – client has advised of a site of a similar size and operation which should have a comparable level of consumption.
  • Floor area apportioned – total usage for the year for whole floor area the meter serves divided by 100% multiplied by floor area the client occupies.
  • Run time – standby fuel consumption from the generator specification sheets multiplied by run time.

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